Britain is mobility scooter capital of Europe

Just five years ago there were just 70,000 mobility scooters being worn in the UK, the number is now nearer to 300,000, according to the British Healthcare Trades Association.

While the mobile wheelchairs are hardly ever seen in countries like France or Switzerland, manufacturers in Britain are creating more influential models with modern designs, leading to a massive boost in the number of people buying them.

Experts claim that far from life form used just by the elderly and the unwell, the scooters are also being bought by young healthy people looking for a cheaper mode of convey than a car.

The scooter is limited by law to a speed limit of 8mph but could go quicker.

While ten years ago scooters were designed for the frailest in the community, other designs are now accomplished of carrying people weighing as much as 40st.

Steve Perry, marketing manager of scooter supplier Electric Mobility said: ‘People see them now as common sights around towns and cities. In France, you wouldn’t see a scooter anywhere. The only time I’ve ever seen one in France, it was an English tourist.’

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