Mobility scooters

Scooters have revolutionized independent mobility for people all around the world who would be have been normally house bound. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using a electric mobility scooter also bit more information about them.


Scooters are often more comfortable than regular wheelchairs and they can be designed to custom fit the person the scooter is intended for

A scooter allows a person to have a higher level of dignity because he does not have to ask for help to get around..

Scooters also allow the user to get around quicker than walking or a manual wheelchair could.

Some scooters are designed for outdoor use and all around terrain, which benefits the user because he does not have to switch chairs to go from one place to another.


Scooters usually need to have their battery charged frequently which could leave a user stranded if he does not have a second, charged battery available to him.

If a component of the scooter breaks the user could be without their scooter for a period of time while it is getting fixed. If a wheel gets damaged it can be slightly expensive to fix it.

Another disadvantage of electric motor scooters is your exposure while riding. You are more exposed to elements like wind and rain. You also can’t ride an electric motor scooter during the rain if you want to stay dry.

Because of where the steering controls are located it requires the user to drive in an upright position. This requires hand, shoulder, and upper body strength


What is the legal requirements for electic mobility scooter?

This information was on the DVLA WEBSITE. Remember that a mobile sooter does not need any road tax or mandatory insurance requirements

a maximum unladen weight of 150 kg (330 lbs);
a maximum width of 0.85 metres (2’9″);
a device to limit its speed to 6.4 km/h (4 mph);
a maximum speed of 12.8 km/h (8 mph);
an efficient braking system;
front and rear lights and reflectors, and direction indicator which are able to operate as a hazard warning signal;
an audible warning instrument (horn);
a rear view mirror;
an amber flashing light if a 4-wheeled vehicle is used on a dual carriageway.

Like your car, a scooter needs to be serviced in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines. Failure to do this can result in your warranty becoming invalid. Check your user manual supplied with your scooter for the model specific service schedule.








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