Stair lifts

Stair lifts are specially designed for people who have mobility issues whilst using their stairs. Often a mobility issue prevents you from using your homes as intended. Stair lifts come in many shapes, sizes, colours and applications and are an affordable option that enables you to stay in the home you love. A stair lift can be fitted to most staircase designs. There are stair lifts for straight stairs, stairs with bends, outdoor staircases and stairs which suddenly change direction.

These are some of the advantages of having a stair lift

• Safer to use than walking up and down the stairs
• Simple and easy to operate
• Let you regain your confidence and independence
• Enable you to stay in the home you love
• They do not damage your home as the stairlift threads are attached to your stairs and not your wall
• Not obtrusive to others- other people can use the stairs as normal
• Save you money, as they are cheaper than moving house
• Available for all types of stairlifts
• Can be custom built to meet your needs exactly

Basically stair lifts come for two different type of stairs one straight stairs and curved stairs. Stairlifts have two kinds of control; a paddle switch or an infra-red remote. The paddle switch is normally located at the end of the seat arms on the stairlift itself, whereas the infra-red remote control is detached. This means the user can send the stairlift up and down the stairs using the remote control allowing more than one user.

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