A Guide to Buying an Adult Electric Mobility Scooter

Senior and disabled members often experience difficult moving about because their body does not permit it. They lack the physical strength and ability that enables one to scale slopes and rough terrains. Such restricted mobility causes a lot of inconvenience to the individual as well as the family members. They need someone to attend to them round the clock and in the absence of such a facility, many are forced to stay at home.

Mobility scooters have been specially designed to offer assistance to individuals with limited mobility. A mobility scooter is a motorized vehicle. It is a hybrid between a wheelchair and a regular scooter. It is based on the premise of an electric wheel chair.

If you’re considering a purchase, here are a few features that are worth paying attention to.

· Upper Body Strength: 

A mobility scooter is quite like a regular scooter in its appearance and operation. It features bicycle-like handlebars controlled by a tiller. There are two thumb levers on the mini-dashboard to direct forward and reverse motion. Thus, steering the vehicle does require some upper body strength. However, the requirement is less than that for a wheelchair.

· Terrain: 

This is by far one of most important factors you should consider when shopping for an adult electric mobility scooter. It involves asking yourself where the scooter will be driven – indoor, outdoor or both. Outdoor electric-powered models are designed to work through rocky, uneven terrain and inclines; something a model crafted for indoor use cannot do. Also, 4 wheel mobility scooters offer higher stability that the 3 wheel vehicles.

· Portability: 

This aspect concerns a frequent traveler. You should be able to transport the scooter with ease so that a family member with limited mobility can enjoy every vacation you take. Foldable designs that fit into the trunk of most cars will the best bet. Also, there are models that can be disassembled and reassembled. Lightweight adult mobility scooters are easier to transport. They are also easy to maneuver.

· Weight Capacity and Height: 

Comfort level of an adult electric mobility scooter is determined on the basis of its weight capacity and its height. You should choose models that can be adjusted to your height. Make sure the seat is comfortable and there is sufficient foot space.

· Space constraints: 

Proper storage is necessary to protect its electric components and to prevent early wear. If you are restricted on space, you should consider investing in a foldable design. After use, a scooter can be folded and stored appropriately.

· Added Accessories: 

A full featured scooter not only enables one to get around with ease but also to enjoy a pleasurable ride. Arm rests, storage baskets and swivel seats are some of the features you should consider.

· Manufacturer: 

In the bid to cut costs, we tend to look out for cheaper or budgeted options. It is not wrong, but you should not compromise quality for the sake of cost because it involves the ease, safety and well-being of a loved one. You can shop with leading manufacturers. They provide quality scooters tailored to meet a range of user needs and budgets.

As part of the buying process, many ask whether they will require a driving license. Class 3 invalid carriage drivers need to register their vehicle and file a driving licence application with the Driver and Vehicle Agency. Class 1 and 2 invalid carriages need not do it.

So, buy an adult electric mobility scooter today and gift your loved one’s long desired independence!