Toilet aids

Thee are a lot of products to help elderly people out there with their needs you just have to find the one you want but her is our top 5 for tolet use.

Top 5 Tolet aids

Ashby Easyfit Raised Toilet Seat
To further reduce cross infection, the seat has permanent anti-bacterial qualities and is resistant to stains and odour. Made from polyethylene and moulded as a one piece seat to reduce any hygiene issues.

Aluminium Adjustable Height Toilet Surround

the benfits of this products is Lightweight and rustproof, To suit various end users, Provides additional support, Non-marking and slip resistant for added safety.

Non-slip strips

These Non-Slip Strips are self-adhesive bands with a coarse-grained surface. You can stick them on slippery surfaces to reduce the risk of slipping. They are particularly useful in the bath, shower, and stairs.

Unisex Portable Loo

For elderly people that are not able to move to go to the tolet this will help them out a lot.


Able2 Pull Up Pants

With high absorbency levels, these disposable pants are highly elasticated and are comfortably shaped for both men and women.


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