wheelchair scooter accessories

There are different accessories out there to pimp up your wheelchair you just need to find what your problem is. most of the iteams are very cheap to buy.

Best wheelchair scooter accessories

Scooter Canopy
Supplied with clear side windows. Heavy duty fabric and a maximum size front window for best visibility. Easy to set up which helps when it starts raining.

Scooter Cape

The Scooter Cape features an easy to use single zip fastening enabling you to climb in and out of the scooter with ease.

Wheelchair Shopping Bag

Spacious leatherette wheelchair shopping bag which attaches to the handles of your wheelchair with strong leatherette loops.

Luggie Off-Board Charging Dock

This clever little off board charging device acts just like the charging port on your luggie scooter, simply remove the lithium battery from your luggie scooter place it into the luggie off board charging tray and plug your existing luggie charger into the port.

Back Soother Cushion

Great when going for long journey’s and if your having back problems the ride and be a little rough.


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